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Join us at our upcoming workshops or bring us to your organization!

Creative Writing

Join us for an adventure of your creation!

Take time to develop your story with your friends.  You can choose your favorite genre, or mix genres.  We'll start with some exercises to help you find your voice, including what kinds of stories you want to tell right now.  Then, we'll work on how you want to tell those stories.  Then, we'll sculpt your story until you feel it's ready.  Step by step, you'll go from an idea to a finished product.  

Two sections offered:

Teens: 13-17

Adults:  18+

Writing on Sofa

Theatre for All

We work with you to design a theatre curriculum for your participants that grows their social emotional learning as well as their literacy skills.


For the majority of our projects, we help students write, act in, and produce their own show.  If you have a need to work with an existing script or musical, we'll help you through every step of the process, from getting funding to securing the rights, rehearsing, designing and building a set, and letting your stakeholders know about the great work you're doing!

This is a great way to teach self-expression and confidence in a group setting.

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Art for Healing

Lisa Cortez Walden uses a process-focused art session to help participants heal from PTSD, while also increasing their Social Emotional Learning and building up their networks of support.

She will work with you to design a class plan that meets your intended outcomes.  The art projects can range from painting to poetry to puppetry and even silk scarf making.

Participants have in the past included children and adults with developmental delays, recent refugees, former child soldiers, and children who have been rescued from the sex trade.

Art Class
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