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It's so nice to meet you!

My name is Lisa Cortez Walden.  I have over 30 years of experience in teaching and producing in theatre, events, and workshops.  I have a Ph.D. in Culture, Literacy, and Language.

I would love to know how I can serve you!


Flor y Canto

Flor y Canto is the Spanish translation of the Nahuatl phrase used by the Aztecs, "in xochitl, in cuicatl".  This referred to their gatherings of "flower songs" or poetry with music and dance.

Importantly, each Aztec noble family acted as benefactors to poets, musicians, and dancers, who in turn created a vibrant cultural scene that placed the arts in the daily lives of Aztec society.

At Flor y Canto, the arts are critical.  Therefore, we center them in our daily lives and work to make them accessible to all.

My Story

30 years ago, I began my career as an actress with the bilingual theatre company, El Teatro de la Esperanza based out of San Francisco.  There, I fell in love with the transformative power of performance and media.  As an administrator, I'm proud to have worked with the following organizations:  El Teatro de la Esperanza, The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Gemini Ink, the City of Austin, Catholic Charities, and Luminaria San Antonio.  I'm also proud to have been entrusted as the Executive Director for Inspire Community Fine Art Center.  In these roles, I've been able to help artists make their visions and voices a reality.

But I'm also proud of the many independent works I've done.   Hop on over to the Productions page to see a full list!

I have also taught college courses in Cultural Studies and Communications, and Theatre and Creative Writing in the K-12 and community setting.  I have a passion for helping students see their potential as artists and through the arts.

And I have had the real pleasure of serving on many community boards, including the Texas Commission on the Arts, The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Martinez Street Women's Center, the SAISD School Health Advisory Committee, and Growing Empowered Together.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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