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Bring Flor y Canto to Your organization

We help you plan culturally authentic exchanges, celebrations, and workshops where you work and play.. Here are some of our offerings:

Flor Y Canto!

Let Flor Y Canto come to your organization with a night of poetry, song, and dance like no other!  You provide the space, we'll provide the rest.  "Flor Y Canto" is Spanish for "flower songs".  The Spaniards saw how embedded poetry and song were in Aztec society that they wrote about it.  Over time, it has come to mean a night of high energy performance in a relaxed "coffee house" style setting. 

This event can include an acknowledgement of indigenous land, coffeehouse style food, music, dance, and poetry.

This is a great way energize your community with positivity and joy!

Musician on Stage

Passport to the World series

When your community steps into the workshop, they are transported to another world, with music, food, decorations, and lots of interactive fun!  During this 2-4 hour event, participants will work at several activity stations to explore the contemporary art and culture of a particular country or continent.  Artists are locally based, from the country or region that will be explored.  

This is a great way to introduce your community to a different cultural perspective without making them sit through PowerPoints!

Family Art Day .png

Arts and Culture Festival:  Big or Small

Lisa Cortez Walden has produced both large arts festivals, like Luminaria, as well as smaller ones, including film festivals, poetry festivals, and theatre festivals.

For this event, you'll choose the medium and we will work to put a call for artists out, collaborate with a selection committee (you are welcome to participate or not!), and coordinate all of the details, from administration to technical.  We'll be there every step of the way to guide you through this transformative event!


Festivals are a great way for your community to see how wonderful they truly are!  Though it's a commitment, a well-planned festival can be truly transformative!  

Festival of Color

Staged Reading of Your Play!

Let's work together to write a short mystery play, or a silly melodrama, or even a serious set of monologues!  Then, we'll stage it!  You can choose to act in it yourself or hire professional actors to read it for you!  

This class works est if you commit to at least 30 hours.  Also, children under 9 will not write their own show, but instead act out a group creation.


This is a great way to build your team while having fun--sometimes, you can charge a fee and raise funds for your favorite cause!

Improv Group

Let’s Work Together

Have an idea for a great event or a question for us?  Reach out!  We're eager to help!

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